Gant Brunnett Architects

Spauldings Library

District Heights, Maryland
Project type: Cultural
Tags: Interiors

The building was originally constructed in 1985 and incorporated the character of a “big-box” store, with tall ceilings and uninhibited, open space.  Gant Brunnett Architects worked in a collaborative effort with the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System to create a new scheme that apportioned the large open space into a collection of smaller scale groupings with the goal of providing new opportunities to enhance the library services.

Key features of the revitalized library spaces include WiFi lounges, laptop computer benches, public access computer stations, dedicated areas for young adults, and advanced multi-media technology; including a sound dome where patrons can listen to audio recordings.

Children’s literacy is a high priority for the library and the design incorporates several components meant to entice young readers to explore the library resources.   The most impressive element is a large red barn with operable doors that only a child can pass through in order to gain access to the children’s reading room and discovery zone.